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Nearly 1700 FINLAND items added 1st February 2021

380 items of SPAIN added 13 March 2021

250 minisheets and booklets added for PORTUGAL, AZORES and MADEIRA NOVEMBER 2021

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LIECHTENSTEIN - August 2022 - A collection broken down and loaded. Sets and singles with a dedicated section for used odds.

NETHERLANDS - July 2022 - Three collections broken down and now loaded on the website. Hundreds of sets and singles from earlies to the 2000's. Also huge dedicated section for USED odd values.

A run of over 200 SPAIN items added June 2022

A run of TRIESTE - ZONE A added May 2022

A group of better EUROPA sets from TURKEY added May 2022

A run of VATICAN added May 2022

A small collection of seldom seen NORWAY added April 2022

A valuable collection of OMAN Stamps and First Day Covers
added MARCH 2022

A huge amount of popular EGYPT added January 2022
Over 1,100 different mint and used sets added from the 1950s to the early 2000s with small quantities of all. Probably the finest stock in the UK!! Already several orders have arrived!

36 illustrated items of GERMANY and related added 8th December 2021 To see them please use the QUICK SEARCH box located top right corner of this web page (below the stamps in the blue heading) and type QAL in the box to see what is new!

Over 380 sets, minisheets and booklets of SPAIN added 13 March 2021

Over 470 Illustrated FINLAND and related areas added 1st February 2021 and over 1200 non illustrated items added

Over 500 items of PHILIPPINES added 11 July 2020. Seldom seen!

Over 500 VATICAN sets, minisheets and booklets added 28th June 2020

Over 30 LIBYA items added 20th June 2020

Over 350 WEST BERLIN items added 24th May 2020

Nearly 350 SWITZERLAND items added 2 May 2020

Nearly 200 mint and used THAILAND items added 21st April 2020

Netherland Antillies and Suriname added 18th APRIL 2020

Over 400 sets and minisheets of SAN MARINO unmounted mint and fine used were added 3 APRIL 2020

An exceptional range on MONACO added 6 JANUARY 2020. Over 450 items added including rarities, early sets, minisheets and odd values.

Added 1st NOVEMBER 2019 a range of unmounted BULGARIA sets and minisheets, some 400 items!

Added 12 OCTOBER 12 better random items. To see them please use the QUICK SEARCH box located top right corner of this web page (below the stamps in the blue heading) and type QKX in the box to see what is new!

Added 9 OCTOBER over 100 sets of FRENCH ANDORRA and over 300 sets of seldom seen SAN MARINO.

Added 27 SEPTEMBER 2019 interesting selection of Liechtenstein USED odd values in ......... LIECHTENSTEIN - USED ODDS

Added 22 SEPTEMBER 2019 over 60 MONACO and LIECHTENSTEIN sets and singles

Added 1st JULY 2019 a selection of over 150 better sets and singles. To see them please use the QUICK SEARCH box located top right corner of this web page (below the stamps in the blue heading) and type QAQ in the box to see what is new! Hilights include BELGIUM, FRENCH COLONIES, GERMANY, GREECE, JAPAN, NORWAY, SAAR, St. PIERRE et MiQUELON, VATICAN, YUGOSLAVIA etc etc

PORTUGAL A great selection of seldom seen better sets and minisheets added 7 MARCH 2019

LUXEMBOURG A fantastic run of unmounted added October 2018. Due to a lucky purchase by me items loaded at a small percentage of catalogue!

ALAND ISLANDS and FAROE ISLANDS added 24th August 2018

GREENLAND and ICELAND added 21st August 2018

CHINA minsheets added 15th April 2018

CHINA and TAIWAN stamps added 17th April 2018

A few rarer single items added February 2018. To see them type "QUQ" into the ''QUICK SEARCH'' box located just below the stamps pictured in the Blue banner at top of web page.

A complete collection of FRENCH ART ISSUES added July 2017.
Please note they have their own dedicated section.


Nearly 1400 items for the above three countries
added to the website July 2017

SPAIN Stamps and minisheets added July 2017

HUNGARY Stamps and minisheets added July 2017

ALBANIA Stamps and minisheets added July 2017
Over 55 items including many rarer stamps and minisheets!

YUGOSLAVIA Stamps and minisheets added July 2017
Over 75 items including many rarer stamps and minisheets!

BULGARIA Stamps and minisheets added July 2017
Over 300 items including many rarer stamps and minisheets!

POLAND Stamps and minisheets added July 2017
Over 300 items including many rarer stamps and minisheets!

TOGO Stamps and minisheets added mid June 2017
nearly 90 items added

IRAN added mid June 2017
16 Illustrated items and over 960 non illustrated


added MAY 2017

ARUBA added MAY 2017


SURINAME added MAY 2017






LAOS added NOVEMBER 2016



4 Illustrated items and 25 plus non-illustrated

A run of modern FRANCE added JUNE 2016
over 150 items added and many booklets

MONACO added MAY 2016
10 Illustrated items and 430 plus non-illustrated

ITALY added APRIL 2016
35 Illustrated items and 25 non-illustrated

7 Illustrated items and 22 non-illustrated

10 Illustrated items and 36 non-illustrated

VATICAN added APRIL 2016
8 Illustrated items and 15 non-illustrated

QATAR added March 2016

ABU DHABI added March 2016

AUSTRIA added in detail March 2016
114 Illustrated items and 1060 non-illustrated

ROMANIA added in detail February 2016
46 Illustrated items and 340 non-illustrated

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