How to Order

The process for ordering online can be seen below. However if you would prefer to speak to me direct please feel free to phone using the details below......

Online Ordering

Browse or search my stock - search for specific items or browse to see whats available generally

Select the items you would like to order by adding them to your basket. To do this click the basket icon to the right of the set in the search results.

Continue adding as many items as you would like however please remember minimum order is £20

When you are happy with your selection, click view basket and follow the on-screen instructions. At this point you are able to remove any items you no longer require. Click PROCEED when your order is complete to fill in your contact details and card details. Then click SEND to send me your order.

When you have completed the order process the system will email you your order confirmation within a few seconds plus your order number. If you do not get your confirmation then it means you probably have mis-typed your own email address, it happens a lot!! The confirmation merely confirms I have received your order. It does not mean that the item(s) are in stock although they usually are 99% of the time. Obviously an item might have sold an hour before you placed your order! We have not entered into any kind of legal contract. It is a confirmation that your order has arrived on my server and that it has been bounced back to your correct email address. If your order is bulky the order confirmation is not a confirmation of the postage costs.This will not be known until the order is prepared. The postage method you selected indicates to me the service you require. If the order is bulky postage will be a little more. Royal Mail charges by weight AND size. By placing an order with me you are agreeing to my terms and conditions.

Once your order has been prepared, charged and wrapped I will email you letting you know when it will be in the mail to you. Your order will be properly packed and sent in a stout board-backed envelope. To be discreet the return address does not say "Stamp Shop", just my name and P. O. Box address on the back of the envelope and your computer printed address label on the front. I always use stamps on my mail!

This website uses SSL encryption to ensure your personal information is delivered to us over a secure connection.

Telephone, Email or Fax Ordering