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SG 455g-458g (1982)
(Unmounted Mint)

21st Birthday of Princess of Wales<br/>a superb unmounted mint set of four in gutter pairs.

Price: 30.00
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Germany - West Berlin
SG B61-B63 (1949)
(Fine Used)

Birth Bicentenary of Goethe (poet) set of three superb fine used with matching commemorative cancels SG Cat 179

Price: 110.00
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SG 403-404 (1924)
(Mounted Mint)

Lord Byron Centenary set of two lightly mounted mint.

Price: 2.75
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SG 739-743 (1949)
(Mounted Mint)

A run of lightly mounted single stamp issues from 1949 showing Holy Trinty Bridge, poet, Music Composer Cimarosa, Milan Fair and Car Exhibition SG Cat 99.75

Price: 39.50
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SG 201-204 (1966)
(Unmounted Mint)

Churchill Commemoration (2nd Issue) in a horizontal se-tenant lower marginal (with inscription) strip of four (scan shows strip foled)

Price: 2.50
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